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Learning about online marketing

As a beginner in online marketing, it is assumed that you don't know how to make your own website or how to promote your Gateways on the Net. Provided you don't neglect going through the SFI materials read until you complete your education in online marketing, a very good way to start your business in your free time, is to do some offline advertising.
It may not always be profitable at first for
businesses to be online, but it is certainly going
to be unprofitable not to be online.(Esther Dyson)
In fact if you sponsor 4 people even before you learn the ins and outs of online marketing, and one or any number of them, including yourself purchase products totaling 40 svp you make it Team Leader provided you are EA yourself!
Your prospective customers (or affiliates) may click on your Gateway (online marketing) and access the products either directly (depending on what gateway they used) or through the Affiliate Store if they become affiliates. If they clicked on a product gateway you make a "retail sale". If they first become affiliates, whatever they buy is not a retail sale for you because they are also gaining credit out of their own purchase (svp towards their own TL-ship).
If your prospects are not computer fans you may purchase the products from SFI yourself and sell them offline. This is not online marketing and you will not earn commission out of this purchase - you can earn only if you sell it at a higher price than you bought it. This kind of deal oh well may not appeal to you but it will give you another kind of benefit - svp toward your own Team-Leadership.
Remember: Your target is Team Leader status PTL - that's where the money is!

The "MarCa Series"

"MarCa 1" is the first of a series forwarded to all my EA people and based on my personal experiences and the best information I found on our Sfidboard regarding each subject. If you are not EA yet, you will get a taste of how I can help you get off to a good start in online marketing by not only answering your questions (which I am anyway doing even if you are not EA, according to the SFI regulations) but by also providing you with a regular inflow of information that will be useful for your business.
The rest of the "MarCa" and the "Billy Martin" updated series are only available to my EA's and my "advanced training" in online marketing requires you own a free website or more on my domains (whether for work at home or for selling nutritional supplements (www.A-Nutritional-Supplements.com), which, as I said, I'm offering free of charge - I am the one to pay for domains, hosting, uploading etc).
MarCa Intermediate Training starts with outdoor advertising.
Visitors (not registered with SFI) may want to join in here.


First steps

 #1 - Starting a home business with SFI.
 #2 - Your SFI Gateways and how to make sure you get your mail.
 #3 - Welcome to SFI, by affiliate Billy Martin.
 #4 - Billy's course for SFI affiliates.
 #5 - Completing Smart Start, by Billy Martin.
 #6 - The Account Page in the resources site.
 #7 - Billy about commissions and the Contact Manager.
 #8 - Historical data about my home based business.
 #9 - You can make your own website in the near future.
#10 - Do some offline advertising while learning Online Marketing.
#11 - Outdoor advertising for online beginners.
#12 - Marca on: Offline Advertising.
#13 - Flyers - how to use them and MissEllen's flyer.
#14 - Getting EA.

Training help for registered SFIers

Introductory #A10- Marca on:
Offline Advertising

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