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Flyers and how to use them

One of the most powerful outdoor advertising tools, flyers, are small leaflets that can be distributed by hand or by mail or simply left for people to pick up. SFI has a wonderful range of flyers that you can download and print out at home for your own use. If you have been through Smart Start, then the flyers you download will incorporate YOUR SFI Gateway address (URL) so that anyone interested can logon to your site.
To see the range of flyers available to you, take a look at the Marketing Aids in the Resources area of the Sfimg.com menu, after you login. For example, suppose you want to view the marketing aids for the "Free Gateway". You'll see on top 5 links to the Gateway Site, its banner ads, flyers, text ads and wearables. Click on "Flyers", then choose the one you prefer. It will come in PDF format. That is the format used by Acrobat Reader. You will probably have a version of Acrobat already on your PC. If not, there is an option on the SFI screen for you to download it. This is FREE and takes only a few minutes to do.
Notice that the leaflet includes your Gateway address? That's because you had already logged in before you accessed the page. Of course, you'd better change the url manually if you have received a nice domain name from me already. You can now print it out on your local printer. (If you do not have a printer available to you, copy the flyer to a floppy and take it to your local Print Shop. They will be able to do the printing for you for a small fee.)
To help your flyers stand out in the crowd, try using a brightly colored paper. It is well worth the small extra cost.
OK, so you have printed your flyers and are ready to go. How to begin?
Just think about your potential audience. Think about how many people - potential affiliates and customers - sit right there on your doorstep, perhaps wanting to work at home. In your neighborhood. In your town or village. Everyone you see in the street is a potential customer. But they need to know you exist and how to find you. You need to give them a push in your direction.
Set a few target sites for yourself. Maybe start with your local neighbors. Why not? They know you. They trust you. And they will be impressed to see that you are building yourself a business. These could be your very first customers.
SFI affiliates come from all backgrounds and all age groups so your horizons are unlimited.
OK, you have flooded the neighborhood with your flyers. Where next?
The outlets you find are limited only by your imagination. But remember, always ask permission first. It is rare that you will be turned away if you ask to place your flyer on a notice board or in a window or leave some on a shelf of the:
-- Local Mall
-- Car Park
-- Drug Store
-- Convenience Store
-- Gas Station
-- Cafe
-- Bar
-- Restaurant
-- Hair Salon
-- Laundromat
-- Bowling alley
-- College campus
-- Grocery store
-- Shopping Center
-- Library
-- Store front
-- Local Food World
-- Fitness Center
-- Restroom
-- Library on the public computers
I'll bet you can think of many more...
But, isn't it embarrassing? That is one question that pops up now and again. Maybe it is the first time you knock a door or visit a Mall with your leaflets. But, if you are focused on the potential rewards, a little embarrassment is not a lot to put up with. Keep thinking dollars and cents.
I hope you will find this a simple and cheap alternative for advertising your SFI site. It can be extremely effective. For instance, I have some affiliates who have built a regular network of repeat customers for Veriuni products by using this great advertising medium.
Go out there and tell the world that you have a business that can benefit them too.
Enlighten yourself with a few threads on The SFI forum and get MissEllen's flyer here.
through the the Marketing Aids section, learn how to develop your skills and how to reach your audience offline.
Don't forget:
1) to always carry a binder in your car filled with flyers and advertising complete with push pins and business cards. That way you always have something to place in every place you go along your errand path and never run out of business cards either.
2) to also have a sign in the back of your car that points to your domain name.


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