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Advertising offline

I don't know how smart or experienced you are, but when I switched from offline and outdoor advertising to online it took ME two months to realize that one can omit /mynameorID by mistake or by curiosity and land at the website without paying me one cent in commissions! Then of course all my advertising efforts would be in vain. To get another proof of how serious SFI is, if you search for SFI here www.quickinfo247.com or here: www.moreinfo247.com you will simply reach a dead end.
Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th
century. (Marshall McLuhan)
However, advertising offline was hard with such a gateway url. How could I leave a card by...mistake on the coffee shop table. People would advertising laugh at my website domain name. So, I changed it to "Sfinco.com" by getting this new domain that I redirected to my (main) Gateway.
How proud I was at that time! A fantastic, veryshortname.com only for me! Packed with enthusiasm, I headed towards invading the net. To discover soon (I had read about keycodes in the materials) that I couldn't add a keycode to my url to track where the sign-ups come from and adjust my advertising accordingly! advertising I hardly ever used this domain as I finally decided to stop outdoor advertising when I learned how to work online. Much to my regret though, because there are many American and English people living in this European city, wanting to work at home, and many locals speaking perfect English.
See, I had better results by advertising to that free classifieds newspaper with my PCIncome hotmail address and a letter rather than with my new domain. I can send you that letter if you are interested. Don't expect any results if you have an email address like grglpjohn6487@cccwynj.com though! It took me a week to create my PCIncome addy!
But if you are located in an English speaking country and are serious about offline advertising you DEFINITELY need an easy to remember domain name!
Here's where the best part comes in: do you love me I WILL C R E A T E ONE FOR YOU!! You heard me right: a PRIVATE WEBSITE for you!!
To help you reach your Team Leader status asap but also to have fun! Unlike your SFI Gateway, we can add to it whatever you want!!
An over $400.00 value! FREE OF CHARGE!!!
A true website where you can input your personal touch. You may want to add or delete some text, or rephrase my sometimes poor sentence structure. Most importantly you may want to change the title. Include your interests, add your family pictures, a logo, banners, you name it. After you see it, you can send me your new text, or your picture and I will add it to your new site. Just allow me 2-3 business days, please.
On to the last step in this introductory training - flyers.
Visitors (not registered with SFI) may want to join in at sfimg.com.



First steps

 #1 - Starting a home business with SFI.
 #2 - Your SFI Gateways and how to make sure you get your mail.
 #3 - Welcome to SFI, by affiliate Billy Martin.
 #4 - Billy's course for SFI affiliates.
 #5 - Completing Smart Start, by Billy Martin.
 #6 - The Account Page in the resources site.
 #7 - Billy about commissions and the Contact Manager.
 #8 - Historical data about my home based business.
 #9 - You can make your own website in the near future.
#10 - Do some offline advertising while learning Online Marketing.
#11 - Outdoor advertising for online beginners.
#12 - Marca on: Offline Advertising.
#13 - Flyers - how to use them and MissEllen's flyer.
#14 - Getting EA.
      - Work at home or get-rich-quick??

Training help for registered SFIers

Introductory #A12- Marca on:
Offline Advertising

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